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Searching For Me

Coming 2019

An introverted and isolated artist, given up for adoption when he was only two days old, wrestles his over-analytical nature to dig into his hidden past, leading him from Boston to Florida and across Italy to search for his biological family in the hopes of finding an emotional and unbreakable bond.

That artist is me. Scott Sullivan. Have you ever felt like you didn't quite fit in? I can relate. For years I hid my insecurity and this feeling like I was different from everyone around me. Then I began a search that would change so many lives.

Join me on a journey that weaves throughout my life and across two continents as I search for why I was plagued by this feeling. And then who I found that changed all this.

This is a story of me. Searching for me, someone who was adopted when he was only two days old. This is a story of me being rescued by Jesus. This is a story of two families and my search for an unbreakable bond.

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