Called Home

Called Home

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

You ever feel those irresistible tugs deep down in your soul? Like someone is calling you? It’s like a yearning for something. At times we know what we yearn. Other times it is only a feeling that we are missing something and need to fill that void.

For me, I’ve had a calling for two places that I call home. The first is Italy. It has called my name since I first breathed the air along the shore of Lake Como so many years ago. And each time I return, I feel the tug. The Sirens call.

The second calling is to God’s Kingdom. That calling has been one that is so strong that I had to be given a new heart. I was born again, as a citizen of this most magnificent kingdom, a humble citizen worshiping my king, Lord Jesus Christ.

I’ll be writing much more about these two parallels. There are so many. I am changed. I am drawn. I cannot turn back to the life I had before either one.

I have been given a passion from both to learn their ways. Learn their language. Grow closer to my family both in Italy and in his Kingdom. The former is where my father lives. The latter is where Our Father reigns forever and ever.

Over the next several posts, I’ll be exploring these parallels with you and be sharing the beauty that each holds. Kicking off the series will be an incredible introduction that will tie together this incredible metaphor that I hope will inspire myself and, I pray, you also, to be a brighter light to the world for God’s Glory.


Hi. I'm Scott Sullivan, a slave of Christ, author, AI programmer, and animator. I spend my time split between the countryside of Lancaster, Pa, and Northern Italy, near Cinque Terre and La Spezia.

In addition to improving lives through data analytics with my BS in Computer Science, I also published, Searching For Me, my first memoir, about my adoption, search for my biological family, and how it affected my faith.