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True Word Bible Translation

The True Word New Testament: John 1:1-3

Thursday, June 7

John 1:1-3 In the beginning, The Word was, and The Word was with God, and The Word was God. He was with God, in the beginning. Through Him, all things were made, and without Him, not one thing was made that has been made. [my original translation from the Greek] This is the beginning in … Continue reading

Renewed Growth with Ephesians 4

Renewed: Putting Away our Old Self

Sunday, May 20

Rain. It gives water to renew for growth. It is an awesome gift from God. And everyone living in the Pennsylvania area knows about the rain we’ve been having this week. It’s been easy to grumble a bit or get depressed with so much rain. But today we see the results of that rain. The … Continue reading

beauty of scripture

Finding Hidden Beauty

Sunday, March 18

Math holds an inner beauty that can both be seen on the surface and also deepens as you dig into its underlying structure. I’m a math geek. I went to college for Aerospace Engineering. I’ve been to Apple’s WWDC programmer’s developer conference twice for apps that I wrote. I studied cryptography for fun. Yeah. Bring … Continue reading

Christ's Judgement

Judgement Day: Has Satan Been Cast Out?

Saturday, February 10

Now is the judgement of this world; now will the ruler of this world be cast out. (John 12:31, ESV) A few weeks ago, I dropped my car off to be inspected and, since my wife was away and it was nice out, I walked home. During the 45-minute walk I saw for the first … Continue reading


Review: The Israel of God

Saturday, February 3

History used to bore me. Especially American history. I mean, really, that’s over two centuries old. Talk about boring. But then something fascinating happened. Like many, as I grew older, I began to understand the importance and the richness of history, both in American and the world. I’m also not alone in my desire to … Continue reading

take action

Gone in a Snap: You Only Have 3 Seconds

Thursday, February 1

Daniel and I carpool to work quite frequently and have many diverse conversations. We also see many things. This morning, as we drove through the Lancaster countryside backroads, we both saw a stunning golden sunrise set against an old country barn that had several trees placed in just the right position to offset the barn … Continue reading

Finding Balance

How a Garden Taught Me About Balance

Thursday, November 23

Life is full of opposing forces that can uproot the balance that we need. If we are not careful, these forces can pull us to an extreme that becomes unhealthy. These dichotomic forces can also bring balance back into our life, too. Israel is filled with this polarity that harmonizes in a magical balance of … Continue reading

Close to God

Rocks, Bible Reading, and Being Closer

Friday, November 17

Closeness. Do you remember what it was like to be close to things? Friends, relatives, and even a job? We live in a world today where we are close, and simultaneously not close through the magic of technology. It’s like we are with people when alone, but alone when we are with people. Today I … Continue reading