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Finding Balance

How a Garden Taught Me About Balance

Thursday, November 23

Life is full of opposing forces that can uproot the balance that we need. If we are not careful, these forces can pull us to an extreme that becomes unhealthy. These dichotomic forces can also bring balance back into our life, too. Israel is filled with this polarity that harmonizes in a magical balance of … Continue reading

Close to God

Rocks, Bible Reading, and Being Closer

Friday, November 17

Closeness. Do you remember what it was like to be close to things? Friends, relatives, and even a job? We live in a world today where we are close, and simultaneously not close through the magic of technology. It’s like we are with people when alone, but alone when we are with people. Today I … Continue reading

Blogging From Israel

Live From Israel!

Monday, November 13

Being in a place can give a more accurate picture and deeper meaning to a historical context. We walk the streets where history happened, we can understand the reality of what, earlier, were just words. Making something ‘more real’ We gain a better perspective on the intimate challenges someone may have faced on a very … Continue reading

Pray with Dirty Hands

Pray With Dirty Hands

Saturday, November 11

We read the bible. We study it. We pray for understanding of what God the Father is telling us or what Jesus’ parables meant. What do those stories from so long ago mean? As I sit drinking a cup of coffee in my upstair study, how do I relate with fishermen from the first century? … Continue reading


Are You Afraid to Trust the Bible?

Thursday, November 9

The Bible. That word scares a lot of people these days. Some say scripture instead to soften the sharpness of the word. And many refuse to trust the Bible for what it is. Why is this? I feel that many of us fear the Bible at times (some of us more than others). Or we … Continue reading

Shema prayer to God

Shema Prayer: Was This Jesus’ Favorite Verse?

Thursday, November 2

I am meditating on one specific part of scripture these days. For some it is a prayer, for others, a commandment. But regardless to how it is seen, I’m loving it more and more, too. We all have those few verses that resonate with each of us. Jesus was asked which commandment was the most … Continue reading

Filson Original Briefcase review

A Man and His Bag: A Review of the Filson Original Briefcase

Saturday, July 22

There are some things I carry with me pretty much all the time. My custom leather bound Greek New Testament, my iPad Pro (the 10.5″) and a Moleskine notebook with a pencil. Finding a bag that is rugged enough to carry these things while having a bit of class has been quite the search. Until … Continue reading

greek scripture analysis tools

Stepping Outside Our Perspective for a Better Analysis

Monday, July 17

Ever stop to analyze someone’s statement? Let me know if you’ve heard this one: We are living in the most persecuted times. Ever. I think even our grandparents would be able to testify that the lack of analysis of that statement. And before them, even more so. This age is so smart because of the … Continue reading