Searching for Me

Searching For Me

A candid memoir of an introvert’s international search for his faith, family, and belonging

Being given away for adoption just days after being born left a mystery around Scott Sullivan’s life that tugged at his analytical mind, fueling a sense of self-doubt throughout his introverted life that affected his friendships, his faith, and amplified his insecurities.

Hoping to uncover his past and find his biological mother and father, he began his search with no more than fragments of a story about an Italian cruise ship and knowing that his birth mother was very young at the time.

His search takes several unexpected turns after a DNA test brings him together with a distant cousin several states away. His journey takes him up and down the U.S. East Coast and across the Atlantic Ocean to ancient villas in Italy.

In this emotional and candid memoir, Scott captures his journey in a witty and honest narrative that confronts his hostility towards God followed by his adoption into God’s family. Scott opens up about his concern of how to potentially reach out to a mother who may not want to speak to him after four decades. It is a story of losing his adoptive father to dementia while looking for his biological parents.

This story started as a search for his biological family. It turned into an international journey that revealed God’s grace.

That artist is me. Scott Sullivan. Have you ever felt like you didn't quite fit in? I can relate. For years I hid my insecurity and this feeling like I was different from everyone around me. Then I began a search that would change so many lives.

Join me on a journey that weaves throughout my life and across two continents as I search for why I was plagued by this feeling. And then who I found that changed all this.

This story started as a search for my biological family. It turned into an international journey that revealed God’s grace.

I wrote this book to share with others my experience of God’s guidance as I discovered the deep sense of belonging I had longed for my whole life. We who follow him are all adopted into the family of God, adopted by a loving Father who does all things for his glory and our salvation.

This is an adoptee’s journey of faith, family, and belonging.

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